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Thank you for your interest in joining the COMICS2MOVIES family of creators.  At COMICS2MOVIES, we’re actively seeking new and exciting talent to bring to the marketplace. We are looking to expand our current library and publish a wide range of books from all types of genres. We thank you for your time and look forward to seeing if your work matches our vision for COMICS2MOVIES.


Please read ALL of our instructions and requirements before submitting your pitch.

COMICS2MOVIES only publishes creator-owned work. i.e. “We publish YOUR original and completed content.” COMICS2MOVIES will only accept PROPOSALS for new comic series or graphic novels, that already has a creative team attached.  Please do not submit any work that utilises already-existing characters, whether they’re COMICS2MOVIES creator’s characters or other publishers’ characters. We reserve the right to automatically decline any submission in these cases.

We are neither looking for any specific genre of comic book nor a specific style of art.

WE DON’T PAY PAGE RATES OR CREATIVE FEES. As the creator, we expect that you will have negotiated with whomever you end up working with, and we’ll do our part to get your book(s) published in the best format possible, distributed to as many retailers we can and in the hands of adoring fans all around the world over. COMICS2MOVIES splits royalties from the books we publish with creators. How that profit is divided up among the creative team is entirely up to the creators involved and COMICS2MOVIES bears no responsibility over such division.


ALL PROPOSALS MUST HAVE A FULL CREATIVE TEAM ON BOARD. Writer-only proposals will not be reviewed at this point in time, although that may change in the future. All proposals must have all the elements from our submission requirements (below). Submissions that don’t contain all the elements will be discarded, unread. PLEASE DON’T just send us writing samples.


WE HOWEVER DO ACCEPT inking, pencilling, lettering, or colouring samples. We’ll keep your submissions on file and may hook you up with other creators if and when those opportunities arise. (But be aware, this isn’t what we’re focused on.)”



Logline. This is your book in a nutshell/ the elevator pitch. Tell us everything in one or two sentences. From reading the logline, we should be able to understand who the main character is and what they want or are trying to accomplish. Something like this:

After the death of his father Talos a Spartan warrior is entrusted by a mythical priestess to battle the monstrous army rising in the east”

Cover letter. Introduce yourself and launch into the pitch. If you’ve had published work before, you could let us know about it, we appreciate if you can link any of your past portfolio to cross reference your credentials. Your cover letter must include your CONTACT INFORMATION (Full Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number).  We respond to all submissions via email.

A One Page Synopsis of the Story.  Don’t give us a single-issue synopsis—we want an overview of the ENTIRE series or story arc. Wet our appetites and get us interested – but be specific about characters as well as the world and universe they inhabit. Where will they start, what will be revealed, where will they end up. But most importantly why is the audience going to be interested in this series. That said, please keep it short one page maximum.

Ten (10) Pages of Hi-Res Full Inked and Lettered Art. If the book is going to be coloured, please make sure they are coloured as well. The reason behind this is we want to SEE exactly what the story will look like and know that you and your team know what you’re doing with regards to telling a story in your chosen genre.

A Cover Mock-Up. A striking and intriguing  cover image with an easily readable logo. This is essential to the marketability of the project. We need to know that it will catch peoples attention and jump off the shelves.





Make sure your proposal tell us its unique selling point and sets it apart from other comics in the same genre. It should also explain who the TARGET AUDIENCE is.

Our experience as publishers over the years has given us insight into how a title, logo, character, colourist or format might be tweaked/edited or changed to increase both interest and sales. We will NEVER do anything without YOUR written approval, but we may suggest changes we think will help increase the likelihood of your success.

The creative team in your pitch is the one we EXPECT to see working on the project. We understand creative teams change, but please be aware that if the artist you pitched with leaves the team, you will need to re-submit your proposal with the new creative team line-up.

We do our best to respond to all submissions, but we do receive a lot of submissions, and for the most part we try and have everyone on our team to agree about proceeding with a new title. If you haven’t received a reply within 60 business days, you should consider that your proposal has been rejected.


After reading the above, please send your submission to: Note that all submissions are responded to via our official e-mail only, coming from our official webmail.

We are neither looking for any specific genre of comic book nor a specific style of art. We are looking for comics that are written and drawn to a professional level (please look at our current titles to compare your work to), that can transport people to new and interesting worlds & universes. But above all we are looking for people who love and are dedicated to their project and can meet deadlines.

Looking forward to working with you.