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After the death of his father a Spartan warrior is entrusted by a mythical priestess to battle the monstrous army rising in the east

In An Alternate History

Join Talos as he sets out on an adventure to not only avenge his father’s death but to protect Sparta from an evil that will stop at nothing to see his country and its people burn.

The Beast King is a Spartan myth, a legend nothing more than a tale to scare children and the lost traveller from venturing too far into the unknown region. Little did people know that while the first Spartans defeated this evil, Rome had kept it at bay for many years. When Rome fell to the power of Sparta this evil was left to grow and prosper, waiting for it’s time to take revenge on Sparta and all those who oppose him

These are more than just words to Spartans, and mean much more to Talos who is a direct descendant from the great King Leonidas.